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AIA Colorado hosts reception for AIAS Colorado Chapters

At the beginning of every school year, the AIA Colorado Chapter hosts a reception for the AIAS students in the area. This year we had students from UC-Denver, CU Boulder, and Arapahoe Community College. We had about 50 students attend the reception, which made for great networking, socializing and competition for the prizes! Some of the prizes raffled included: 10 free memberships, 1 complimentary registration for the AIA Colorado Practice and Design conference, copies of the Colorado Fellows book, pint glasses and sketchbooks! Each student who won a free membership was paired with the AIA sponsor of the membership for some one-on-one networking. The reception really helps to foster the relationship we have with our local AIA chapter and continue the great support!

Korey White
AIAS UC-Denver President 2012-2013

What will your legacy be?
As I prepare my article for Crit I wanted to share some thoughts with you….
This year marks the AIAS’s 56th anniversary since its founding in 1956, when students of architecture organized around an idea to affect positive change in the architectural profession.
The legacy they left our organization is timeless; it is important for you to remember that they were no different than you. They saw problems, and they sought ways to solve them as a team. It is for that very reason our organization exists today.
A few weeks ago, I read an article that called architecture one of the top five worst majors in today’s job market. I say this decision is up to us! We will be the deciding factor in the fate of our profession, not media pundits! Our legacy will be marked by the actions we take now, there is no yesterday, and there is no tomorrow, now is our time. How will you answer the challenge laid down by those who would presume to dictate the success of our generation and our profession?
What will your legacy be? What positive change will you affect? Not someday, Not if you become a national officer, Not if you are placed on a national committee or given an external assignment for a collateral organization…. But right now! How will you spread greatness through your chapter, your school, your university, your profession and through the AIAS?
The only moment you will ever have any control over is right now. Seize it!

Matthew A. Barstow, President
The American Institute of Architecture Students

AIAS Tuskegee Annual Newsletter

Check out the AIAS Tuskegee Annual Newsletter. This issue is filled with an overview from AIA National Convention, AIAS Grassroots, AIA Alabama Convention, and their Chapter’s upcoming events!

Click here to read Issue 6!